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What my trakteer profile description is?

I've been writing it under "Karya" section, you can learn more here: https://trakteer.id/fariz/showc...

Bikin video tutorial

Jadi aku tertarik bikin Video tutorial series gitu tentang membuat aplikasi Android & iOS menggunaka...

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Fariz yang kamu kenal


Fariz is a pragmatic software engineer who writes a blog very fucking often.

Sharing is part of his DNS and this page was dedicated to people who loves his works and want to say thank by giving him some money instead of to the capitalists.

His writing can be found at:

- Blog: https://faultable.dev
- Blog: https://blog.evilfactory.id

Consider to trakteer him a coffee by clicking Trakteer button above and let him write more often & more depth.

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as my you're welcome so u get my backlink and some "exposure", deal?

Your money will be used to fuel my works, including the coffee and sampoerna mild. I will never use your money for something illegal/negative like drugs or bet or nyantet.

So, just trust me. I will do my best.

Thank you!

— fariz from F A R I Z

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