Florence DyJhe

Content Creator
Im a content creator based on my YouTube Channel (Florence DyJhe) and creating reactions videos for anime. I also do some cosplay since it is my hobby. If you want to support me you can donate here or unlock my collections of cosplay photos ;)


1 Sushi : 10k/each to support me ;)

1 - 5 Sushi : Access to my selfies collections/Monthly Fan Sign (handwritten)

10 - 20 Sushi : Access to my cosplay/casual photoshoot + semua diatas

70 Sushi : Request a character for me to be cosplay (please contact me in advance for this) *t&c included


12 Sushi : Unlock a #GreatNinja tiers and got my uncuts reactions from Patreon via GDrive + art reward in the month + access to some of the photoshoot

p.s : not included FS