Joana Maoh

Virtual Content Creator
Hello everyone!
I'm currently known as a vlogger VTuber.
Basically an ordinary vlogger but using an Avatar, as Joana Maoh.

I create content based on my daily productive activities.
I want to learn many things while broadcasting it live so that those of you who are also experiencing the same thing like me can learn together.

For those of you who support me because you love my works on this channel, I'm very grateful!

Thank you for always supporting me!

Activity Feeds



Joana Maoh:
- Dance Rehearsal
- Fitness Workout
- 3D Modeling
- Chatting

Kotoba Station:
- Gaming


- Installment of life savings.
- Strengthen friendship!
- Get to know a new content creator!
- Help each other to develop together!

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