Mythic Sound & Mili_A

Producer / Illustrator / Worldbuilder
Milafare Altarela's Adventure Volume 1 - "From Snow to Flower" Release on Jan 2021!

5 Sonorous Swans for full Album Access! Email for audio commission!

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Hello, I'm MythSounD (a.k.a. KeichiP221), an Indonesian Producer who loves drawing Japanese Anime illustrations and worldbuilding for an original series called "Soundverse Project"

My signature OC is "Milafare Altarela" who serves as my alter ego for Storytelling albums. You can claim a slot for your OC Soundtrack through raffles that will be regularly posted once every three months.

Your support is truly appreciated

Website will direct you to Linktree

Send an e-mail to [[email protected]] for Audio Commissions and Licensing

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