Yukitora Keiji

Hello I'm Yukitora Keiji a cosplayer, but i'm also doing some stream game on youtube 😊

Please kindly Support me with 🥩 : IDR 15.000/each

🌟Current Rewards
3🥩 : Digitally Handwritten FS
[Minimum open once a month]

5 🥩 : Selfie Pack + Previous Rewards

7-35*🥩 : HD Photopack + Previous Rewards

200 or more 🥩: Cosplay Request!
[T&C applied] + Previous Rewards

🌟Special Monthly**🌟
10🥩 secret discord 👀

Your support means a lot for me, Thank you so much for your support ❤️

PS : if you want to buy my other photopack, please kindly check this link

* different photopack, different price, minimum 10 photo, you can join the secret discord membership if the set you buy are minimum 10🥩 or more

** you can get all the rewards below and up to 10 🥩

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🦖Tokyo Game Show 2014 Cosplay Representative

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